Fabulous & Usable

UI/UX Design


I'm here to fight the unusability with the power of user-friendliness flavoured with a generous amount of beautiful design.

Amazing & Clean

Web Design

Web Design

Web designer's life may be tough, however nothing compares with the fulfillment of watching your website smoothly working.

Fantastic & Detailed

Ph. Editing

Photo Editing

I can also create fantastic photographic content for your website, app or print. So you don't need to ask to someone else

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the person behind

A pretty cool character

I’m Eleonora, but you can call me Pretzel. I’m an Italian Digital Designer working on Digital Art, UI/UX Design and Web Design. My other skills acquired during a Bachelor Degree in Design and Communication and two specialized courses in Art Direction and Graphic Design at ILAS and The Guru Lab goes from branding to packaging, from social media management to event planning. I am curious and observant and in my spare time I like to dedicate myself to painting, cooking delicious meals and cuddling my four furry cats.